Attendance Policies and Procedures

General Guidelines

  • Regular attendance and on-time arrival is expected of each student.
  • Family trips should be scheduled outside of the 180 days of school.
  • When an extended absence cannot be avoided, Independent Study Contracts may be available for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 days. Advanced notice (at least one week) to the office and teacher is required to allow the teacher sufficient time to prepare work. Contact the office staff for additional details.
  • Three or more unexcused absences (and/or unexcused tardies in excess of 30 minutes) will result in truancy procedures and possible review by the State Attendance Review Board.
  • Whenever possible, medical and dental appointments should be scheduled before or after school.
  • Each classroom designates a spot for students to line up before the start of school. Students should stand in line upon arrival.     
  • Students arriving late must get a tardy slip from the office prior to entering class. Students are late if they are not in the line by the 8:30a.m. bell.

Absence Procedures

You can report an absence by:

  • Filling an absence report form on this website.
  • Calling (650) 526-3590, pressing 2 and following directions to leave a message. Please note that even though you call in, state law requires your child to bring a written notice explaining the absence upon his/her return to school.
  • Emailing

You should provide the following information in your phone or email message: date of absence, student’s name, room number, reason for absence, and name and relationship of the person reporting the absence.

  • Continue to report an absence each day the student is absent.
  • For planned absences and partial day absences, provide advance notice to the office staff. Office staff will notify the teacher.
  • An authorized individual must sign out all students leaving school prior to dismissal in the office.
  • Students are only allowed to leave campus in the middle of the day with a person who is listed on the emergency card.

Family Vacations During the School Year/Independent Study Contracts

All students are expected to be at school unless they are legitimately ill, have a medical appointment or have a death in the immediate family. This is California state law that is monitored on a daily basis by district staff.  All other absences are called "unexcused". After 3 unexcused absences, district staff sends out a notification letter. After the 4th and 5th unexcused absence, the student is declared a truant. Again, this is state law.

Thus, family vacations during the school year are considered to be unexcused absences.  Parents may request an Independent Study Contract, which must be approved by the principal and teacher.  This allows the time away from school to be counted as attendance IF the student completes the assigned homework.  If a student is below grade level, it is quite likely that the contract will NOT be approved.  The minimum number of days for Independent Study is 5 (five) and the maximum is 10 (ten).  To apply for this process you must request the Contract from the school secretary, NOT the classroom teacher. Requests must be made a minimum of one week before the absence and is not approved or in effect until you receive notice from the office staff.