General Safety

Emergency Cards

Emergency cards are required for each student at the beginning of the school year or as soon as a student enters school. The original is kept in the office. A copy is kept in the student’s classroom emergency backpack, which goes with the class on field trips and emergency evacuations. It is imperative that the office be notified of any changes regarding medical or emergency contact information.

Campus Security and Visitors

  • All visitors and volunteers who enter or leave the campus during school hours must check in and out at the office.
  • Visitors and volunteers must also wear an identification sticker (available in the office) while on campus.
  • Parents may not arrive unannounced in classrooms during the school day.
  • To help avoid disruption in the classroom messages, assignments, lunches and other belongings should be left in the office, clearly marked with child’s and teacher’s name.

Disasters and Emergency Preparedness

Disaster and/or fire drills are practiced monthly. The school has food, water, sanitary and medical supplies stored in a steel shipping container accessible in the event of a disaster.

  • In the event of a fire, students are taught to leave the classroom and assemble on the blacktop at their classroom’s assigned spot for further instructions.
  • In the event of an earthquake, students are taught to duck and cover, while holding onto a table or desk leg until it is safe to leave the classroom.
  • School staff has been trained in emergency procedures, including the use of emergency supplies and medical equipment available on-site.

In the event of an emergency, Do Not Phone the School! Phone lines must be kept open for official calls. For more information, turn on the Emergency Broadcast System stations (KBAY-94.5, KCBS-740AM, KNTV-Channel 11) or call the city's 24-hour emergency number at (650) 966-6396.

  • In the event of a severe area-wide disaster students will be released only to parents, legal guardians or individuals authorized on the student emergency card, with a photo ID. 
  • Adults coming onto campus may be asked to assist with emergency procedures.
  • Designated Mistral staff members stay on campus until the last child is picked up in an emergency.