Pick-Up Procedures

Please follow these guidelines carefully and everyday.

Kindergarten Pick Up

Kindergarten pick up is at 2:00 pm.  For safety and security reasons, ALL persons picking up Kindergarteners must follow these procedures:

  • All Kindergarten students will be walked in a line by their teachers to the back of the school and be dismissed to their parent or caregiver there.  Each classroom will have a specific location. 
  • Kindergarten students will no longer be released to parents from the classroom doors.  This procedure will increase the safety of all students on campus, as kindergarten dismissal occurs while the other grades are out on the playground for PE and Class Game Time. 
  • Please refer to the school map with parent waiting areas at the back of the school designated for each Kindergarten classroom.

After Kindergarten dismissal, if you are waiting for older children, you are welcome to use the Tot Lot play structure that is close to Latham Street.  Any kindergartener waiting for an older sibling MUST be accompanied by an adult.  Kindergarteners are not allowed to play on the playground or other play structures until after the final dismissal at 3:10.

Download a campus map with Kindergarten dismissal instructions.

1st-5th Grade Pick Up

Parents are welcome to wait in the following areas:

  • The halls at both ends of the classroom wings
  • The picnic tables by rooms 1-4
  • The kindergarten picnic tables

Please do NOT enter the corridors to wait for your children. Once children see parents, they find it difficult to pay attention to the teacher as he/she brings closure to the day. This also minimized distractions from noise.

Download a campus map with 1st-5th grade pick up instructions.

Students may use the play equipment after school, ONLY if they have a supervising adult with them. Unless a student is in an after school program at Mistral, all unsupervised students must leave campus at dismissal.  There is no yard supervision after dismissal.