Safety is the highest priority at all times, and students should exercise appropriate judgment, even in the absence of specific rules.

General Rules

  • Students should keep hands and feet to themselves. No hitting, kicking, grabbing, pushing, tripping, spitting, fighting, or roughhousing.
  • We are an "inclusive" school, i.e., all students have a right to play and may not be excluded, except for meaningful age differences.
  • Students must remain in view of at least one adult at all times.
  • Students may bring snacks to eat in designated areas during morning recess time.
  • Food is not allowed on the playground.
  • Tag on the tanbark is not allowed.
  • If students cannot resolve their playground conflicts, they may ask for help from the yard duty supervisors.
  • Each classroom has a set of balls that students use at recess.


  • Students are not to be in the walkways during recesses or lunchtime, unless attending activities in the MUR, library or garden.
  • No running in the walkways.

Play Structures

Kindergarteners have separate recess times with designated play areas. They play on the large play structure in the center of the blacktop.

For all students on all play structures:

  • No tag or chasing on or around equipment.
  • No jumping from structure platforms.
  • No blocking entrances to slides, climbing boards, stairways, etc.
  • Slides: All slides should be "feet first." Students may not walk or climb up slides with one student at a time sliding down. Each student should make sure that the slide has cleared before beginning a descent.
  • Monkey bars: First priority is for those swinging from bar to bar. Students may climb and sit on them, but must move out of the way of those swinging below.


There are basketball hoops and tetherball poles. Students also play four square and other variations of ball games. The grass area is the best for games that involve kicking balls. Kicked balls on the blacktop often end up on the roof.


No contact sports. This does not prohibit tag and touch football games, if played appropriately. The field is off-limits when it is wet. The office staff makes the announcement when the field is off-limits.