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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Mistral Spirit Day
Brought to you by your Student Council!
When: Friday, January 12th

What is a Spirit Day?

- Everyone at school participates to show they are proud to be a part of our school.

- It is a day that we count how many people participate - we want 100%...that means everyone (students, volunteers, staff, parents, siblings)

- A Spirit Day is only fun when everyone joins in!


This week our 3rd-5th grade students attended an assembly and workshop called Peace Signs provided by Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre of Northern California.


Peace Signs goal is to inspire students to solve conflicts peacefully, respect others, and seek help when needed.   


Through this program, students learned:

- The Peace Signs Stoplight Solution conflict resolution model

- Skills to respond to bullying

- Empathy and respect for others

- The importance of seeking help from trusted adults when faced with bullying and violence.

This workshop is one of several assemblies planned at Mistral this year that focuses on supporting students social emotional well-being.  


Social and emotional learning (SEL) plays a key role in children's academic readiness and success. Students with strong SEL skills participate more in the classroom, have more positive attitudes about and involvement with school, are more accepted by classmates, and are given more instruction and positive feedback by teachers. Without SEL skills, young children are more likely to dislike school and perform poorly on academic tasks, and later experience grade retention and dropout (Raver & Knitzer, 2002).

From Edutopia, June 17,  2016


Teddy Image result for bear cartoon imagesBear Walk, Ride & Roll 

Thursday, January 25


Gabriela Mistral Elementary School

Mariano Castro Elementary School


All students who walk, bike, carpool, or ride the bus to school will receive a raffle ticket and be entered into a drawing to win a bicycle and helmet!

If you live too far away to walk all the way you can find a safe place to park close to school and walk the rest of the way.  Join in the fun to reduce traffic, help keep our school safer and help keep the air cleaner.

The City of Mountain View's VERBS Program is a federally funded through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission MTC and Santa Clara Valley Transportation.

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