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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Allied Enforcement Day

Good morning Mistral! You may have seen lots of police out on our roads and around our school campus. Today was Allied Enforcement where Police Departments came together from across the South Bay to help ensure traffic safety for all in cities like Mountain View.  


The officers I spoke to this morning said they were here to make sure every child gets to school safely.  They monitored a variety of things and were taking notes on how fast cars drive in our school zone. They watched pedestrians use the crosswalks and checked if looked both ways before they stepped out into the crosswalk.  The officers commended our crossing guards for following safety procedures like wearing their bright vests and holding the STOP sign nice and high for oncoming traffic. Pedestrians got a thumbs for walking on the sidewalks and school pathways.  We still have some work to do around bike, scooter or skateboard safety. Remember riders to always wear a helmet and obey safety laws. Walk your bike, scooter and skateboard when you get to school and don’t weave between pedestrians. It was great to have the police department monitoring safety around our school and seeing so many kids and parents following the rules.  Keep up the great work!

Safety Reminder…


This is our school’s main entrance for emergency responders it must be kept clear at all times!



We all must work together to enhance the ability of emergency responders to reach our campus and respond to emergency situations.

Students, visitors and district staff are prohibited from parking in areas marked as fire lanes because doing so can prevent the timely arrival of first responders to the scene of medical or fire emergencies on our school campus.

Please take the time necessary to find parking on the street or other parking locations near the campus.


We are very interested in what you have to say. Your feedback is very important. Please click on the link below to submit a question, comment, concern, suggestion or a compliment about our school.





Mountain View Whisman School District

We Are Fighting the Flu!

Our schools are seeing more cases of flu in both staff and students. With seasonal flu circulating at our schools and in the community, here are a few reminders about what you should do. District custodial teams will be working hard this week to disinfect surfaces, handles and doorknobs.

- If your child has flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose), keep him or her home until they no longer have a fever without taking any fever reducing medication for at least 24 hours.  If your child has other health issues, you may want to call your healthcare provider for advice.

- Drink a lot of liquid (such as juice, water, Pedialyte ®, broth).

- Keep him or her comfortable. Rest is important.

- For fever, sore throat, and muscle aches, you can use fever-reducing medicines that your doctor recommends.

- Use good health habits such as covering coughs and/or sneezes in sleeves, or to cover coughs/sneezes with tissues.  Wash hands often and keep them away from your face.

- Keep tissues close and have a trash bag within reach for disposing of used tissues.

- Don’t go to school, daycare, or public places if you are sick.

- If someone in your home is sick, keep him or her away from family members who are not sick


Be watchful for emergency warning signs that might indicate you need to seek emergency medical care:

- Fast breathing or trouble breathing

- Bluish or gray skin color

- Not drinking enough fluids

- Not waking up or not interacting

- Feeling extremely irritable

- Not urinating

- Your symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough

Teddy Bear Walk, Ride & Roll Image result for bear cartoon images

Thursday, January 25


Gabriela Mistral Elementary School

Mariano Castro Elementary School


All students who walk, bike, carpool, or ride the bus to school will receive a raffle ticket and be entered into a drawing to win a bicycle and helmet!

If you live too far away to walk all the way you can find a safe place to park close to school and walk the rest of the way.  Join in the fun to reduce traffic, help keep our school safer and help keep the air cleaner.

The City of Mountain View's VERBS Program is a federally funded through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission MTC and Santa Clara Valley Transportation.

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