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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Mistral Soar into Summer Reading Challenge

 It is official Mistral students are excited about the Quetzal Soar into Summer Reading Challenge!  This is what you need to do to participate:

Step 1: Sign up at the Mountain View Public Library Summer reading challenge.  Make sure you select Mistral as your school when you register.  https://mountainview.beanstack.org/reader365

Step 2:  Set a realistic reading goal.  Researchers have determined that reading 20 minutes a day is what needs to happen to avoid learning loss over the summer.  In grades 1 to 3 students should read at least 15 books.  In grades 4 & 5 reading between 5-8 chapter books over the summer is a realistic goal. Work with your child to figure out how many books they can read over the 68 days of summer break.

Step 3: Log the titles of the books you read in the MV Library summer reading system.  It is really easy.  As you type in the title the system identifies the book and enters all the information for you!

Step 4:  Stay motivated and reach your goal! During the summer break join in on some of the fun we have planned.  We want to hear about the books you are reading.

  • Summer Reading Kickoff @ MVPL/Pioneer Park on Thursday, June 8 6pm - 8 pm.  See Ms. Mabey at a table inside the children's section from 6 - 6:30pm with a selection of good books; then head outside at 6:30 for cake (provided by MV Library) and picnic (Bring Your Own) and listen to Andy Z at 7!

6/15, 2:30pm to 3:15pm, KENN ADAMS ADVENTURE THEATER
7/6, 2:30pm to 3:15, HAPPY BIRDS

  • Rengstorff Park “Reading on the Green”, 8/4, 2:00pm to 3:30pm, bring a blanket, snacks and your book!
  • Mobile Library at Mistral - Read-aloud will be at 5pm, on the grass in front of the office.  
  • Tuesday June 13, 20, & 27.
Fall 2017 School-wide Celebration - Depending on how many students reach their summer reading goal we have three different celebrations planned.


  • If 50% of students reach their reading goal the Principal will dress up and ride a tricycle around school all day!
  • If 75% of students reach their reading goal, students will Slime the Principal!
  • If 100% of students reach their reading goal, students will Duct-tape the Principal to the wall!


Reclassification Ceremony

Last week I attended the district reclassification ceremony held at Crittenden Middle School. 254 students from across our district were recognized by the Mayor of Mountain View, our trustees and district office administrators.  Together with friends and families we celebrated this impressive educational milestone.  Mistral proudly reclassified twelve students this year!  

It was a wonderful event filled with special touches introduced by our instructional leaders in the English Learner department this year, making the evening very special for the children and families.  There were international ambassadors from all of our schools who welcomed the audience speaking in their native language, a young singer who sang the National Anthem, a photographer who took an individual picture of each reclassified student as they walked off the stage, speeches and cupcakes at the end!  The event truly honored our multicultural communities and demonstrated to students how much our district values and respects their commitment to learning and cultural heritage.

I want to share a conversation I had with one Mistral 4th grade student who was sitting next to me at the ceremony.  As our Superintendent delivered his speech in Spanish she whispered to me, "Wow, I am so proud of him.  He is so brave to get up in front of all these people and talk in Spanish.  He is doing really well.  I mean I am really proud of him!  He has only been learning Spanish for a year?! That is great.  I hope he is proud of himself too!"  I think she said it all.

I know everyone shares the same feeling of pride when reflecting on how their own student demonstrates daily that they are not only risk-takers, but also fearless learners standing tall as they learn two languages.  It was fabulous to see our district leader, Dr. Rudolf, standing tall and showing all of the children that he too is a language learner and is brave, and fearless just like them!

To our district leaders I want to publicly “thank you” for all you do everyday to support our students.  From all of the families and children at Mistral “thank you” for organizing such a lovely reclassification ceremony this year.  Your work makes a difference and we appreciate your commitment and value our partnership!  


Building Our School: Staffing

The ultimate goal of Gabriela Mistral School is to provide the best academic experience for our students in a safe and positive atmosphere.  As a new school with an evolving culture entering its third year, we should continue to look at data, work with our students, and collaborate with our parents / community to continue to learn, grow and achieve.

Data suggest that Mistral has a tremendous opportunity for growth as it develops into a model DI school. In 2015, our school participated in a School Quality Review that provided specific areas of improvement with recommendations on how to move forward.  This year, Hanover Research conducted a two-part study of Best Practices of Dual Language schools, and a longitudinal study of student achievement of our DI graduates. These documents have been used with staff, school leadership groups and by me to set the school priorities. Additionally, I have considered data from state and local assessment results, formal and informal class observations, KidTalk and Student Study Team meetings and student/community survey results.

After seeking teacher input, reviewing the data and listening to feedback, I have taken great care to balance teacher strengths to maximize educators’ unique skills and experiences.  This will provide the best possible education for students throughout all Mistral’s grades.

I will update the Mistral school community on classroom staffing in August. I appreciate your commitment to our school community.  I look forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children achieve their highest potential.  

 Attachment/Link: Hanover study: Best Practices in Dual Language Immersion Programs,Hanover study: Dual Immersion Program Evaluation, Mistral School Quality Review.

Mistral's Got Talent.jpg

Wow Mistral Kids Have Got Talent!

What a great show today!  Thank you to Madame Foobottomme and her assistants who helped coordinate and run our annual talent show.


 First Day of School 5th Grade.jpg

5th Grade Clap Out Line

The 5th grade Clap Out line will take place on the black top and through the hallways at 8:45am on Monday 6/5.  Please feel free to come by and join our line up and give our 5th graders a high five, a woo hoo and we’re gonna miss you as they make their way to the promotion ceremony in the MUR!

Monday, June 5th, 2017
Promotion Ceremony and Reception: 9:00am – 10:25am
Location: MUR
PLEASE ARRIVE BY 8:30 a.m. We will begin at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
School Schedule, regular day: 8:30am – 3:10pm

  1337879910.jpg 5th Graders vs. Staff Challenge

Monday, June 5th, 1:45pm
Bring your umbrellas and raincoats to watch the first annual 5th Graders vs Mistral Staff Wet Sponge Relay games.  Come watch as 5th grade students and the Mistral faculty race against the clock to fill their buckets with water using a sponge.  Guaranteed to make you smile and you might get a little wet too!  


Last Day of School is Tuesday, June 6th
Dismissal at 12:25pm

Please recall that our campus must be clear of students and families by 1:00pm on Tuesday.  Staff located in the finger wings must be completely packed as the contracted movers will arrive on campus to move boxes and classroom furniture into the storage containers. Contractors will also be preparing the school grounds to install the construction fencing all around the main portions of our campus.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR SUMMER CONSTRUCTION MAP