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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Posted by baguirrecortez on March 12, 2018

Connecting to our Strategic PlanMountain View Whisman School District

MVWSD Strategic Plan GOAL 3: INCLUSIVE & SUPPORTIVE CULTURE Every student, staff, family, and community member will feel valued and supported while working, learning, and partnering with MVWSD.


I have been reading about school cultures and ways to build cultures that last. In simple terms, a culture really refers to the way we do things. At Gabriela Mistral, we have a collaborative school culture. We all work closely together to do what is best for each child and then, consequently, for all children. When I say “we”, I do mean the collective “we” and not just school staff. Our district leaders and staff, families and community do so much to help enrich our students’ experiences. Recently Dr. Rudolph and his staff spent two days working at our school.  During this time he walked our campus, checked out construction, visited classrooms, met with staff and provided me with feedback on how to better support teachers. And our PTA hosted a Science Night and Dia de los Muertos event. It is so exciting to see moms, dads, grandparents, and siblings exploring the fun of science and learning about other cultures and traditions! To all our volunteers and district office staff our school offers a sincere “THANK YOU”. We could not do it without you. We are proud to be a part of a district that is focussed on building an inclusive and supportive culture!

First Trimester Report Cards Go Home Friday!

Don’t forget to check your child’s backpack this Friday.  All report cards will be sent home with your child. Please make sure to return the empty envelope to your classroom teacher on Monday.  If you have question about your child’s progress feel free to make an appointment with your child’s teacher.


Happy thanksgiving! 


We will not have school November 22nd - 24th, 2017



We want to hear from you! Just two days left to take the District climate survey

The MVWSD Climate Survey is open now through Friday for all staff, parents and students in grades 5 and 7. Your responses provide information beyond test scores that helps us improve our schools. If you haven't taken the survey already, look for an email invitation in your inbox on Wednesday morning from "MVWSD." The subject line is: "We need to hear from you!" (Check your spam folder, too).


This survey is administered online through Panorama Education. Your answers to the survey are confidential and compiled by Panorama, a third party. Your honest feedback is very important. Your personal results will not be identifiable.


In addition to completing LCAP requirements, the data will help inform work on the District's strategic plan goals and provide longitudinal data for year-to year comparisons. The questions are drawn from an archive of research-based questions in broad theme areas of engagement, instruction, school safety and school environment. We will be asking students, parents and staff members about their impressions of our District sites.  This is a great opportunity for us to get feedback and continue to work together to improve our schools.


We look forward to seeing the results and working with the leadership of our bargaining units and staff to look for ways we can continue to improve. Thank you in advance for your input.


If Your Child is Absent…

Please call the attendance line at 650-526-3575. If the office staff does not answer you will be prompted to press 2 and leave a message. Please provide your child’s name, relationship to student, and reason for absence. You may also send us a message through our website athttps://mistral.mvwsd.org/en/about/absence-report/

What’s an Excused vs Not Excused absence? Illness, doctor’s appointments, bereavement, and certain religious exercises are excused absences. Please see MVWSD board policy for the full list. All other reasons are not considered excused.

Are Vacations / Travel Excused? Unfortunately, family vacations or travel is not excused – even when you inform your teacher or the office. This comes to a surprise for parents. We appreciate you letting us know so that you will not receive a call from the auto-dialer asking you to verify the absence.


Are you Clever?

Did you know your student can access all their favorite online learning apps at home through Clever? If you kid loves Khan Academy, GoMath or EduTyping or if they need access to their Google Drive, they can access it all at home through Clever.


You can access Clever from your web browser by going to: https://clever.com/login/

Find our school "Mistral Elementary School" then your student can login with Google using their school e-mail (username@mvwsd.net) and password (the same one they use on the Chromebooks at school).

Once they login to Clever they will have access to all the same apps they can access from their Chromebook and they will be automatically logged into all their accounts.


Here is a video if you need more help with the process: https://youtu.be/nb5Y8RWQowA


Clever is also availible as an app for your ipad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clever-instant-login/id1134186971?mt=8


But what about ST Math?

Clever does not include ST Math, but don't worry your students can still play with JiJi by going to:  https://web.stmath.com/


Your student will need to remember their whole visual password to login, if it's not working you may need to enter our school's activation code (MIS798-L7C-LY-EYN)  or it could be that your kinder hasn't learned their entire password yet.

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