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Mrs. Tabitha Miller

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

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Friday November, 10th

Great job 4th grade!

You have done an amazing job beautifying our campus. Keep up the good work!

As part of a school wide effort to keep our school campus clean and demonstrate our school pride, all grade level classes at Mistral rotate weekly to pick up trash. Teachers can choose any day of the week and time to go out as a class to pick up trash for 5 minutes in any area of the campus. Our school will provide disposable plastic gloves for kids to use. Go Mistral!


Are you Clever?

Did you know your student can access all their favorite online learning apps at home through Clever? If you kid loves Khan Academy, GoMath or EduTyping or if they need access to their Google Drive, they can access it all at home through Clever.

You can access Clever from your web browser by going to: https://clever.com/login/

Find our school "Mistral Elementary School" then your student can login with Google using their school e-mail (username@mvwsd.net) and password (the same one they use on the Chromebooks at school).

Once they login to Clever they will have access to all the same apps they can access from their Chromebook and they will be automatically logged into all their accounts.

Here is a video if you need more help with the process: https://youtu.be/nb5Y8RWQowA

Clever is also availible as an app for your ipad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clever-instant-login/id1134186971?mt=8

But what about ST Math?

Clever does not include ST Math, but don't worry your students can still play with JiJi by going to:  https://web.stmath.com/

Your student will need to remember their whole visual password to login, if it's not working you may need to enter our school's activation code (MIS798-L7C-LY-EYN)  or it could be that your kinder hasn't learned their entire password yet.

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