School Site Council

School Site Council (SSC) has 10 members, 5 parents and 5 staff, including the Principal.  The SSC meets monthly during the school year to monitor the budget, review academic progress, and discuss the school’s curriculum.  SSC parents bring questions to the group, where responses are provided, issues are studied, and action is taken.  Members are elected for 2-year terms.

School Site Council Members

Jenna Adams - President                                      Dr. Marcela S. Simões de Carvalho - Principal

Tim Downey                                                          Samantha White de Silva - Vice President      

Carina Muniz Pham                                               Yolanda Moran

Alma Garcia                                                           Elizabeth Gomez

Carrie Taylor                                                           Elizabeth Mabey

School Plan

Presentation to MVWSD Board

Hanover Report: Best Practices in Dual Language Programs

Hanover Report: Dual Immersion Program Evaluation