After-School Care

YMCA Kid's Place

The El Camino YMCA provides on site after-school care at Castro and Mistral Schools. It also covers before-school hours as well as minimum days at the school. The YMCA also covers no-school days at several locations in Mountain View.

Registration begins in the middle of April for aftercare in the next school year. Priority is given to YMCA members and returning students, and the first week of registration is reserved for those students, while the second week it opens up to new students. Demand for after school care in Mountain View far outpaces supply and we have wait lists each year. If a reliable, campus based after school care program is important for your family, prompt registration is required. Registration can be done at the Kid's Place on campus or at the El Camino YMCA.

Detailed information about YMCA childcare can be found in the Childcare Program Guide. Contact Saadia Aurakzai, Child Care Program Director, at 650-429-1344 or for further information.