Science Fair FAQ

Q. Why do you encourage working on teams?

A. Our goal is for every student who wants to participate in the Science Fair to have the opportunity. We encourage working together on teams of 2-4 students, with one parent leading each project. This allows more kids to participate because not every parent needs to lead a project. Plus, you make friends and have fun! Individual projects are also welcome.

Q. How do parents help with Science Fair projects?

A. For each team, the lead parent usually assists as follows:

  • scheduling team meetings (usually 2 or 3 weekly meetings of about one hour)
  • helping the kids to decide on a topic or question
  • helping to gather materials
  • providing support as the kids do their project
  • helping the kids to make their poster (FREE tri-fold boards available in the office!)

Lead parents generally have experience with Science Fairs, feel comfortable getting started, and have enough time to help this year.

Q. How do we find or form a team?

A. If your child needs to find a team, or if you can accept more members for your child’s team, please indicate this on your registration form. The Science Fair organizers will assign teams within a two-grade range, giving preference within the grade and classroom if possible. (If you have already formed a team, great! Let us know on your registration form.)

Q. Where and when can our team work on our project?

A. Teams will be able to meet in certain classrooms after school (3:05/10 – 4:15, and Thursday 12:25 – 2:00). When your team is assigned, you will be notified of a day of the week and an open classroom. Lead parents are expected to be present to supervise the team’s work. Of course you may also work together at other times, at someone’s house, etc.

Q. What kind of experiment should we do?

A. There’s no limit on what makes for a good science fair project. To get started, you could ask the kids about what they’ve learned in science class. Maybe those lessons will spark ideas for a project.

Q. What is the project board you mentioned?

A. The project boards are white three panel poster boards with sides that fold in so that the projects stand up on their own. They are about 3 feet high and 4 feet wide. Boards are available to pick up for FREE in the office starting approximately 4 weeks before the Science Fair.

Q. What do we put on the project board?

A. The project boards should include: 0) the kids' names and grade levels; 1) a description of the question the kids asked; 2) a description, drawing or photos of how the kids carried out the experiment; 3) a description, drawing or photos of the results; 4) a description of what the kids learned; and 5) anything else the kids want to add that is relevant to the experiment. The boards should be assembled by the kids.

Q. How are the presentations judged?

A. Mistral parents who work as scientists will be coming around to talk to all teams about their projects. Be sure kids are at their boards at the right time so they can talk to a judge and get a ribbon.