Each grade level is scheduled for one field trip per trimester. Most of the time these field trips are off campus, but occasionally organizations come to school instead. Permission slips are required for children to participate in field trips and teachers may ask parents to sign up as field trip chaperones.  PTA volunteers plan field trips with input from classroom teachers to ensure the off-site experiences tie into the classroom curriculum.

Sample Field Trips from recent years:

  • Mountain View Public Library
  • Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
  • Mountain View City Hall
  • Deer Hollow Farm
  • Hidden Villa Farm
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Oakland Museam of California
  • Marine Science Institute
  • Natural Bridges State Park
  • Stanford University
  • Age of Sail
  • Science Camp

Funding for Field trips is provided by the Mistral PTA, these funds are supplemented by grants when possible. 

Field Trip Transportation

Various modes of transportation are used for field trips. These include district school busses, chartered busses or city buses, and walking to local destinations.

On the rare occasions when parents drive, the driver must complete district forms and provide proof of adequate insurance and a recent DMV driving record. These requirements are for the protection of drivers and students.