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Gabriela Mistral Elementary School PTA Donation Form

Your Donation is 100% Tax Deductible

California Education Code states "no school official shall require any pupil to purchase instructional materials for the pupil's use in the school." Please contribute only what your family can afford. The Mistral PTA is a non-profit, our Tax ID is 770-441935.

You can either pay now with your credit card via PayPal or you can fill out this form now and bring a check or cash at Class Posting or to the school office during school hours. Please make your check payable to “Gabriela Mistral PTA". E-mail if you have any questions.

Adult Contact Information


Student Information

Please list all current Mistral Students.


School Supplies

Mistral provides all necessary items for your child’s core education program. Donations help with extra classroom supplies. The suggested donation amount is $50 per student. Please consider sponsoring an extra student.

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School Spirit T-Shirt

All students receive a t-shirt and will wear this t-shirt throughout the year on field trips and for school spirit. The suggested donation amount is $10 per student.

Contribute T-Shirt Donation of $0:

Donate to General PTA Fund

Your additional donation will help us reach our annual goal of $100,000 to support bilingual education initiatives within our school, bilingual books for our library, three or more field trips per year for each student and programs like Project Cornerstone and the Science Fair.

We ask for a donation of $250 per student. Please consider sponsoring an extra student.


Sponsor a student

Gabriela Mistral has a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. As you're willing and able, please sponsor other students for supplies of $50 and dual-immersion funding of $250 ($300 per student)

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Employer Matching

Many employers will match charitable donations. Mistral receives thousands of dollars every year in corporate matching which helps us run all of our school programs.

I will ask my employer to match my donation: . I work for

PTA Membership

Parents are encouraged to join the PTA and participate in its management and activities. Becoming a member of our PTA also allows you to vote on important issues, like how to best use your donation dollars!

PTA membership is $10 for an individual ($5 reduced) or $15 for a family membership ($7.50 reduced).

No membership Individual Family

Choose reduced-fee PTA membership:

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Complete Donation

Mistral's PTA can accept cash, check payable to “Gabriela Mistral Elementary PTA" or PayPal.
Donating via PayPal costs an additional 2.2% + 30¢ to cover the cost of PayPal's processing fees.

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