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PTA News Aug 23, 2017

Posted by staleyr5 on August 22, 2017

PTA Welcome Letter

Dear Gabriela Mistral Parents,
Welcome to another year at Gabriela Mistral Elementary School!  The 2017-2018 school year is the third in our identity as an independent school for dual immersion and multi-cultural learning.  We look forward to continued growth and success over the coming year, and are excited to have you in the Mistral community!

Parent Participation and Involvement

The most important way to be involved with the school is to show an interest in your child’s education every day, by asking your child how their day went and what they’re studying.  Within the larger school community, we’re fortunate to have high levels of parent participation from many great parent leaders.  Our goal is to support and strengthen the entire Mistral community, which works best with the help of many, rather than the hard work of a few.  There are so many aspects of life at school that I’m certain there is something that suits your interests.  Do you have big ideas on how to serve the Mistral community?  Lead the charge!  Are you not a huge fan of the caterpillars?  Help make sure it’s addressed properly!  Are you passionate about a particular topic?  We need your enthusiasm!  Do you have time to help with event setup and clean up?  Much appreciated!  Every family should participate in a way that works for them, so please consider taking on a task for the ‘Thing-a-Thon’ (our biggest event), and signing up for another volunteer role during the year that fits with your schedule.  You can learn more about volunteer opportunities under the PTA section of Mistral’s website: ( ).  

Konstella, Our Communication Platform

Konstella is a very helpful tool, providing an easy way to communicate among parents, track events at the school or in your classrooms, and organize and volunteer for upcoming events.   Our goal this year is to get 100% of our families signed up for Konstella so that we can all stay connected and informed.

Joey Mercer, PTA President

Sara Kopit-Olson, PTA Executive Vice President

Thank you for coming to Class Posting!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make Class Posting a success!

So far, 175 Mistral families have made a donation to our school PTA. This money will be used to pay for, (among other things,) field trips, classroom aides, recess improvements, library books and afterschool activities. Thank you!

It's not too late to donate. You can pick up a green form in the office, or go online:

Move kids into classrooms in Konstella

Now that we all know what rooms our kids will be in next year, please move your kids into those rooms in Konstella. This is  how you will be able to get messages from your teacher or communicate with other parents in your class.

It's fast and easy:

- On either the website or the app, click on your profile. (It's your name in the upper left on the website, and in most version of the app it's the gear in the upper left.)
- Click on "Your children" on the website or "My children" in the app
- Click on your child's name, and select the appropriate classroom

Make sure that all of your kids at Mistral are also listed in Konstella. You can add kids and move them into classrooms by clicking on "Add child" in the same menu where you moved kids into classrooms.

If you have any questions or problems, we'll have signs up around campus announcing times when people will be available to help you get registered and moved into classrooms.