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PTA News Jan 31, 2018

Posted by staleyr5 on January 30, 2018

Mistral’s Ice Skating Party

Mistral’s Ice Skating Party will be on Friday, February 16th from 5:30-7:30 pm. Tickets are $7 per skater and pizza and hot chocolate will be provided for free.

It is held at the Winter Lodge in Palo Alto and we are limited to 350 tickets.

Tickets will be available for purchase here on February 1st!

Please note: Only skaters need to purchase a ticket. If you would like to come and watch the skaters and socialize, you do not need to purchase a ticket.

Lego, Baile, Oh My!  

Signups for the Spring session afterschool classes are coming this Monday.  New class includes Theater.

   Feb 5-8: Sign up for Lottery

   Feb 9-14: Confirmation

   Spring session classes: Feb 26-May 14

The current Winter classes will continue until Feb 15.

The Afterschool classes are organized by the PTA to give Mistral and Castro students a chance to engage in activities after school without leaving our campus.  Classes are typically one hour long and meet one day a week. Visit for more details.

You have already done this?  Login on Monday to choose new classes

Can’t remember you PIN?  We will send you a direct link via email or text on Monday morning!

New to After School?  Create an account at and sign up your child on Monday.  (Sign ups close on Thursday).

Thinking of creating or seeking out a new class for next year?   Great news, please let the PTA know.

Looking for the next Konstella Trainer

I have been the Konstella community trainer for the last 2+ years. I am looking for someone to shadow me so I can take a backseat next year.  This position is a member of the PTA's communications team.

Details and skills include:

  1. Savvy with technology

  2. Able to be on campus at drop off or after school

    • especially at the beginning of the school year

  3. Comfortable posting emails to Mistral community

  4. Bilingual is nice - but can pair with another parent (translation services available)

  5. Able to attend and host tables at :

    • class posting/back to school night/kinder/incoming kinder potlucks

  6. Signing people up to Konstella

  7. Training Groups

I'd like this person to start shadowing now so they are at full speed fall 2018 (when training is most needed).

Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you for your consideration,


Dual Immersion in Middle School

Please fill out this short survey regarding dual immersion in middle school: dlJohC13

School Successes Inspire N.C. Push for Dual Language:


In the districts with two-way, dual-language instruction, students score statistically significantly higher in reading in 4th grade than their nondual-language peers, a pattern that continues through 8th grade. In 5th grade, dual-language students score about the same as their monolingual peers in 6th grade, an advantage that lasts through 8th grade. The same pattern is true in math, with 5th grade dual-language students scoring as high as nonprogram peers in 6th grade.

For English-learners (ELLs) in dual-language programs, reading scores in all the tested grades are much higher than for ELLs who are not in a dual-language program. In math, English-learners in dual-language programs score as high as their nondual-language ELL peers who are a grade ahead of them.

"The number one impact of this type of instruction is on their cognitive development, which is cumulative every year," Mr. Thomas said. "The other key factor is the level of student engagement. Those two things are adding up to a lot of positive effect for our most historically disadvantaged groups."