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PTA News May 31, 2017

Posted by staleyr5 on May 31, 2017

Archiving Konstella for next year

As we reach the end of the year I wanted to let everyone know how we will be handling Konstella classrooms for next year. I will be leaving the classrooms as they are for the summer. Parents can continue to communicate with other families, with their classroom, or with the entire school.

In early August I will be archiving this year. That process moves all kids out of classrooms, removes existing classrooms, and removes all fifth grade students from the system. Families who just have exiting fifth graders will be removed from Konstella. Families with additional Mistral children will keep their accounts with their remaining Mistral kids.

You can always search for information from past years even after I have archived, for example emails that were sent or events. In the search box, you will see an option to search the current year or past years.  

After I archive, I will create the new classrooms for the 2017/18 school year. At class posting I’ll have information about how to move your children into the appropriate classrooms, and I’ll send an email reminder.

Thanks and have a great summer!

Castro Mistral Red de Apoyo Comunitario/Community Support Network (CAMIRAC)

Recent anti-immigration actions have left many parents and children in our community feeling unsafe and helpless. A small group of concerned parents met with families in March to understand how we could help. We formed CAMIRAC to support our immigrant families so they feel safe and empowered. Our three main focus areas are:

  1. Education and emergency preparedness - Families want to know their rights and make sure their children are cared for in the event of an emergency. In April, we connected 25 families with legal support on their immigration status and to start developing emergency childcare plans. We will help another 26 families on June 3rd.

  2. Emotional and mental health support - Parents and children are fearful and anxious. On June 3rd, CHAC - the Community Health and Awareness Council - is presenting a workshop and providing summer support groups to help families feel less isolated and provide them with tools to talk about recent events with their children.

  3. General support - We are helping families fill out forms, like US passport applications, and helping connect them with suitable temporary guardians for their children.

We need your support to raise $12,000 for the legal consultations and mental health support*.


Our larger, long-term goal is to create a comprehensive support network for the entire Castro/Mistral community by breaking down barriers and strengthening individual and community bonds. Later this summer, please look for more details and calls for how you can get involved. It will take participation from all of our families to build a stronger campus-wide community!

 Recruiting a back up Konstella admin

Next year will be my last at Mistral, and I’m looking for someone to shadow me for a year as Konstella administrator and take over the following year. This is a great job for someone who is comfortable with technology. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but plays an important role in helping our community communicate and organize.

The role involves some work at the beginning and end of the year, helping orient parents, getting classrooms set up, sending how-to emails and archiving the year. Throughout the year, this role serves as a liaison with Konstella and helps make sure parents are able to make use of new features. Our school also translates the app, which is how Konstella is able to offer the app in Spanish. The Konstella admin coordinates with our translators to make sure all new app functionality gets translated.

The admin also helps Kristin Bailey, who does a lot of the training at the beginning of the year for new room parents and committee leads, and along with Kristin helps parents throughout the year make use of Konstella functionality. The admin also works closely with Kristen McGuire-Husky and Stacey Rosenberry to be sure important posts from Konstella are also available on the website and in the newsletter for parents who get their information through those channels.

Please email me separately if you want more information, or are ready to volunteer.

Amy (

Recess Supervision Help

We invite you to help provide extra adult supervision during lunch recess. Our yard supervisors are wonderful, and during our current construction phase, their job can be difficult with children spread out in different areas. Surely our students could benefit from extra sets of caring eyes and hands! Please sign up for one shift or several! Contact me with any questions.

Thank you,
Sara Kopit-Olson, VP Mistral PTA

Marker Recycling

Instead of tossing markers into the trash, let’s Colorcycle them!  Your classroom and library have Colorcycle boxes for marker drop off.  Our 5th grade Girl Scout Troop 61076 will recycle markers by collecting and shipping used markers to a Crayola facility to convert them into clean fuel.  This fuel can be used to fill vehicles, heat homes, cook meals, and more!  

Please go to to learn more about Colorcycle!