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PTA News, November 9th, 2017

Posted by baguirrecortez on November 9, 2017

Nov 6-9: After school Lottery requests

It's time to request which afterschool classes your child would like to attend for the winter quarter.  We have a new signup process available at  The top corner contains a pair of buttons "Parent Sign Up" (for first time users) and "Parent Login" (for returning parents).  The signup process will gather contact details, your children's info and interests.  You can return at any time in the future to update any of the info - especially changes to the lottery requests- by using the Login.


Another Way to Benefit Mistral

Did you know that you can raise funds for Mistral just by doing your everyday shopping?  


Wherever you are, during the school year or over break, Benefit-Mobile is an app that allows you to purchase electronic gift cards at many popular stores and online merchants while giving a percentage of your purchases to Mistral.


Before the holidays go into full swing, please consider taking a moment now to get Benefit up and running on your smart phone.  Are you planning to rent a place through Airbnb (5%) or (8%)?  Going camping (REI 8%)?  Trip to Disneyland (5%)?  Flying Southwest Airlines (4%)?  Got a home improvement project (Home Depot 3% or Lowes 4%)?  The percentages shown are the amounts these retailers will give to Mistral when you pay for these things through Benefit and a linked bank account.


If you already have a Benefit account please consider making Mistral your new beneficiary.


If you already use cash cards purchased from the PTA, please continue doing so, but consider downloading and using Benefit for those times when you run out of cards, while you're traveling or on vacation, or at retailers like Airbnb that are on Benefit, but not available through our existing cash card program.


If you are new to Benefit-Mobile, you can use it at over 160 participating retailers, including Amazon and Target.  


How do I sign up?

  1. Download the app through iTunes for iPhones or through GooglePlay for your android device.

  2. Choose your beneficiary:  Gabriela Mistral Elementary PTA

  3. Link your payment forms to Benefit using their multi-step verification system.  You can buy Benefit gift cards using either a credit card or a bank account.  Mistral will receive a much higher rebate when you purchase gift cards using a bank account.  If you link both a credit card and a bank account to Benefit, you have the option to switch back and forth between payment methods each time you buy a new gift card.  Please note that it takes about 2 weeks for the multi-step verification system to link a bank account as your payment method to Benefit and allow for bigger purchases.  In the meantime, you can use a credit card to buy Benefit cards.  


Benefit is absolutely free to use and raises money for a good cause.  You can use it at the point of sale at many participating retailers and show your phone to the cashier or input your gift card number when shopping online.  You can also manually input and track your remaining gift card balances using the app.  At some retailers, like Whole Foods and Starbucks, the app will refresh your remaining gift card balance with a single button push. (Note that each retailer has its own rules).  *If you are making a very large purchase, please look at the maximum gift card purchase amount allowed and plan ahead to buy enough cards to cover your entire purchase. (If you are buying Benefit cards for the maximum amount allowable with your bank account, Benefit will make you wait for the first purchase to clear before you can buy another card from the same retailer.)


Some retailers, like Safeway and Walmart, require you to email your gift card to yourself, print, and bring it to the store.  For these retailers, it could be more convenient to purchase cash cards through our existing cash card program.  The conventional cash card program also offers a much larger number of retailers, so please keep using them for stores not partnered with Benefit.  


Friends, extended family, and alumni are all encouraged to sign up and make Mistral their beneficiary.


Thank you for all you do for our school!

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