Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching

One way you can double your contribution to Mistral is to take advantage of your company's matching program. Find out if your company matches donations to Mistral using Double the Donation.

Nearly all large companies, and many small and medium-sized businesses, offer corporate matching for their employees' charitable contributions.  Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, VMware, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Applied Materials, Abbott, SAP, Intuit, SanDisk, Varian Medical, Intel, Symantec, Agilent, Juniper Networks, and Oracle and just a few of the companies have made matching gifts to Mistral.  

Each company has a different process for employer match. First, verify that your company participates in a corporate matching program. If so, check to see if they use Giving Station or EasyMatch (the 2 most common sites). If they do not use either of these sites, check with your Benefits person to see what steps you need to follow. If your company requires hard copy paperwork, please complete it and send to the Mistral School office Attn: PTA Treasurer.

The Mistral PTA is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, Fed Tax ID #77-0441935.

If you have questions regarding the corporate matching program, please contact us at: