Participating in your child’s education is important and fulfilling. On a personal level, the most critical way you can participate is by showing interest in what your child is learning on a daily basis. Ask “What did you learn today?” instead “How was school today?” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised where the conversation takes you.

On a school community level, parent participation is key for enabling quality programs and events for students and families such as Project Cornerstone, Afterschool Enrichment, and field trips. At Mistral, “Every Family Helps” in a way that fits their schedule and availability.  Konstella is used to coordinate classroom and event volunteers. Join Konstella today!

Here are just a few examples of how you can participate:

For family members with time during the school day:

  • Helping the teacher in the classroom. The teacher may ask you to make copies, organize homework bags, clean tables, or help support kids with specific tasks
  • Becoming a room parent for your child’s classroom. Room parents support the teacher and help communicate with other parents about classroom activities
  • Reading in your child’s classroom once a month for Project Cornerstone

For working parents who can take time off work here and there to be in the classroom:

  • Assisting the teacher during science experiments or math or reading tables
  • Participating in the Hour of Code event in January
  • Chaperone on a classroom field trip

For family members who have time outside of school hours:

  • Helping out with afterschool events like Math Night, the Ice Skating Party, or potlucks
  • Joining a parent-led committee like the Website or STEM committees where meetings are at night and work is mainly over email
  • Researching and applying for potential grants for Mistral school and PTA programs

Great, so you’re ready to pitch in. How do you get started?

  • Join Konstella -  Konstella is used to coordinate classroom and event volunteers.
  • Becoming a room parent - Sign up to be a room parent at our Class Posting Event in August.
  • Participating in the classroom – Learn more about opportunities from your Room Parent and teacher
  • Helping out with a PTA committee, event or program – check out opportunities on Konstella or talk to folks at the Parent Participation table at Class Posting

All volunteers should read the volunteer procedures and guidelines.