How to Help

The WATSA planning generally starts at the end of May beginning of June.  Summertime is a great time to gather Silent Auction items from vacations and from local businesses (before other schools start to ask). It is also a great time to start thinking about your volunteer role and on ways to improve from last year.

To put on this wonderful community event, we need an army of volunteers. Here are the teams that come together. Details about how to help out will be posted on Konstella in the months before the event.

WATSA Co-Chair Team

Their job is to launch the initial steps of planning the WATSA,  to set up teams and their tasks, find team leaders and incorporate new volunteers for Before WAT tasks.  In addition, the Chair follows up with the Teams to make sure everything is moving forward and troubleshoots issues that come up.

WATSA Registration Team

Their job is to distribute the required WATSA information out to each student and family and track who has and has not turned in their permission slip.

WATSA Silent Auction Team

Their job is to organize and run the Silent Auction.

WATSA Finance Team

Their job is to collect, track, account and report on the income and expenses of the WATSA, including ticket sales and check out.

WATSA Publicity Team

Their job is to educate parents about the WATSA purpose, procedures and processes, market and advertise the WATSA, and get the kids excited about the WATSA and to order T-shirts, including assemblies and skits.

WATSA Lap Prize Team

Their job is to define lap prize levels and lap prizes, purchase and organize lap prizes, plan the distribution of lap prizes, and the process that we determine the number of laps a student walked.

WATSA Lap Fruit Team

Their job is to determine the fruit and refreshments that will be given out on the course at certain times, procure those items and prepare them on the day.

WATSA Food Team

Their job is to gather as many donations of food as possible, purchase all food and supplies need to make super delicious food, prepare all food, sell food, and clean up food prep area at the end.

WATSA Bake Sale Team

Their job is to encourage Mistral families to donate baked good for the bake sale, coordinate donations, stage and staff bake sale tables.

WATSA Field Setup and Logistics Team

Their job is to plan out the layout of the event including the course and where all the various activities will take place, order necessary equipment (tables, recycling/trash bins, etc...), and services (deejay, air dancers, etc...).

WATSA Volunteer Organizer Team

Their job is to organize the people who volunteer on the day of WATSA.

WATSA Post-Production Team

Their fun begins after the WATSA!  Post-production is extremely important, as smooth and quick follow-up and prompt thanks help pave the way for success next year.